🎥 PORT has been put into operation

PORT launched into operation


Over the past months, we’ve not only completed the construction of buildings but transformed the complex into a small city within the city — with streets, infrastructure, and its own atmosphere. Here you’ll find everything you need for a comfortable business life. So, we are looking for residents for our logistics complex.


Already, over 30 residents have anchored at PORT, and new businesses continue to arrive. If you’re also seeking space for relocation, set your course by visiting our sales department to find your place.



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    Interview with the founder of Alterra Group
    Find out how the Lviv logistics complex was able to take a place in the market and attract investors' attention with its strategy and planning
    🎥 Visited our resident – company Takelag
    Slings, Fasteners, and Safety Systems – Everything You Need for Cargo Handling is Now at PORT.

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