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Visited the office of the PORT resident – ЖЖУК Company


The largest retail network of smartphone and technology stores in Ukraine moved into our logistics complex in March 2022. With the onset of full-scale supply chain disruptions, the company decided to relocate and evacuate goods to the west. PORT became the perfect location for a new distribution center capable of serving over 300 retail points daily 👍


What technical specifications and conditions were important for such a large company when choosing premises? Watch our video to find out 📹

We also invite you to take a look at the new warehouses near “ЖЖУК” – find out if the premises characteristics suit you at our sales department.



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    Interview with the founder of Alterra Group
    Find out how the Lviv logistics complex was able to take a place in the market and attract investors' attention with its strategy and planning
    🎥 PORT has been put into operation
    Over the past months, we've not only completed the construction of buildings but transformed the complex into a small city within the city — with streets, infrastructure, and its own atmosphere. Here you'll find everything you need for a comfortable business life. So, we are looking for residents for our logistics complex.

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