Outside furnishing

• sandwich type wall panels;
• roof - rolled roofing material of profiled sheeting;

Interior furnishing

• internal partition walls - sandwich panels (80 mm);
• floor - concrete, industrial-type, with reinforced top layer and anti-dust coating, load 3t/m2;
• warehouse height - 8 m;

Gates and entrances

• gates at the 1.2 m level and at the ground level;
• dock gate with dockschelter and docking leveler;
• arranged a separate entrance to each warehouse;
• parking space for large vehicles;
Pass entry system and round-the-clock security
• Power supply is connected to the electric service panel of each premises;
• Water supply is connected to the premises;
• Heating system:
- in the warehouse, heating is connected to the premises without installed fan heaters;
- in the mezzanine - distributed with installed radiators;
• Fire protection systems: according to the standards;
• fenced area with pass entry system;
• round-the-clock security and video surveillance.
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